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The idea for the “Tournament of Champions” was created by YuniCon in 2020, shortly before the Pandemic, and has been a work in Progress since then. We are now happy to announce, that the first official final will be happening at YuniCon 2023, 20. – 22. October 2023, with selections happening all over Europe during the entire year.

Selections for the first final event will be held in 15 european countries, which you can find in the selections tab of the website.

Our goal is to create a Contest where crafting skills are valued equally, so the most complete costume will be the winner. Therefore, every costume will be judged in 5 Categories: Needlework, Armor, Prop making, Wig & Makeup and Craftsmanship, giving participants the chance to win separate categories, as well as the “Best in Show” award, which will be the highest score of all categories combined. You can find the detailed rules in the “rules” tab.

The final event will be held at YuniCon, an Anime Convention also focused largely on Cosplay, with multiple Cosplay Contests throughout the event. YuniCon was created with the intentions of giving Cosplayers the opportunity to showcase their work, from beginners to experts – with different competition levels such as the “Cosplay Debut” (which is exclusively for people who have never been on Stage before, with lighter judging), or a qualifier for ECG, and the new highlight, the “Tournament of Champions”. This will replace our previous crafting competition, the “Craftastic Cosplay Championship”, which worked similar to this new contest, on a national level. We also give every Cosplayer the Chance to exhibit their work in our “Cosplay Village”, where they can exhibit their work free of charge and are also provided with a con ticket. In 2022, our Cosplay Village has expanded to 33 Artists.