All qualified Cosplayers can be found here. Click on the images to see their social media!

Latvia – Dinarin

Our Champion from Latvia is dinarin_rin as “Ningguang” from “Genshin Impact”! Photo by

Sweden – Knightofwands

Our Champion from Sweden is knightofwandscosplay as “Rogier” from “Elden Ring”!

Netherlands – linkelizzy

Our Champion Netherlands is linkelizzy as “Tyr” from “God of War – Ragnarok”! Photo by

Germany – sternchen7777777

Our Champion from Germany is sternchen7777777 as “Aloy” from “Horizon Zero Dawn”! Photo by

Austria – _rinkuu_

Our Champion from Austria is _rinkuu_ as “Jill Warrick” from “Final Fantasy 16”! Photo by patrick_scherlingphotoart

Switzerland – Ailyta

Our Champion from Switzerland is Ailyta as “The Huntress” from “Bloodborne”! Photo by

Spain – darka_studio

Our Champion from Spain is darka_studio as “Zingore Armor” from “Monster Hunter”! Photo by

Italy – Aylin Lab

Our Champion from Italy is Aylin Lab as “Aloy” from “Horizon Zero Dawn”! Photo by

Hungary – dudus.arrrt

Our Champion from Hungary is dudus.arrrt as “Marcus Miles” from “Divinity”! Photo by

France – melizenn_

Our Champion from France is melizenn_ as “Odogaron female Alpha set” from “Monster Hunter World”! Photo by

UK – glob_cosplay

Our Champion from England is glob_cosplay as “Blaidd” from “Elden Ring”! Photo by

Czech Republic – pruecz_cosplay

Our Champion from the Czech Republic is pruecz_cosplay as “Mei” from “Overwatch”! Photo by Prue has been in the cosplay community for

Denmark – trine.k.n

Our Champion from Denmark is trine.k.n as “Bloodhound” from “Apex Legends”! Photo by